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Queen of Clean

I’m totally stressed out today about cleaning up the rental before we move. I’ve even found myself purchasing things from the Lakeland catalogue. Oven cleaning products that swear to practically self-clean are on the list as well as hob scrapers (sounds nasty) and a special grout brush that will scrub the bath tiles clean again. Any tips welcome.

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The name change is now urgent

I just typed my name into google to see if this blog came up and clicked a rival taraking and she’s a PLAYBOY model. Now I know I’m a babe but I’ve never modelled in pants and sexy bra. This Tara King is also boasting about a day spent on the set of Wisteria Lane.

So the quest for a great name continues. Rambles in W7 is coming up the list although I’m still quite obsessed with the word Nest.

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What’s in a name?

Calling my blog by my name is just too unimaginative. I’m meant to be a creative writer and jeez I can’t even think of a title for my blog.

So, here’s the shortlist. Comments are welcome…

Hanwell housewife (do I want to be labelled a housewife?)

Cake lover

Potato House (that was the nickname for my teenage family home)

Number 18

My new house

Retro House

Living in W7

Hanwell Nest


Tara’s Nest

The New House (that’s what Rory calls it)

Chaos and Clutter w7

MummyT W7

1 Mum, 3 Boys

Diary of a Housewife

Hanwell Mum

Hanwell Living

Super House Move

Dreamy W7

Away We Go W7

Raising Boys W7

As you can see there’s a lot of talk of W7 but I’ve always loved post codes. Plus someone thought I might have moved near Notting Hill – postcode W8 – so we’ve gone up in the world already!

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Number 18

Over the last seven months we have been refurbishing our new home. It’s been a ‘big job’ – and that’s a big job in everyway. In 2 weeks we are moving in… ready or not. Hopefully the rubble will be cleared, the new eco space system will work and we will have light and warmth!

This blog will be dedicated to my new home, the renovations and the rantings and ravings of a desperate housewife on the move.

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Freezing cold

It’s freezing cold today. brrrr

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The Mango Lab

I recently attended a one day workshop at The Mango Lab a brilliant photography school based in Shepherd’s bush. I finally discovered how to work my digital camera. The secret is to turn off auto and actually go behind the scenes into the control panel and fiddle with the settings. The results were great.

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